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Keeping Your Holiday Travel Less Stressful

With the holidays approaching many of us are preparing to head out on the highway to visit friends and family. This is one of the things that we look forward to the most during the holidays, but the trip itself can feel a little hectic.

Planning your route ahead of time can help make it a little bit easier. Knowing what to expect can help ease the stress of holiday travel. And it is always a good idea to have a backup route planned just in case you come across any unforeseen obstacles.

Having your vehicle in tip-top condition before…
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Tips on Proper Transport of Holiday Food

At this time when we are getting into the holiday season, we need to make merry with safety. Safety can be by not only obeying traffic rules but also transporting food in a well packaged manner. Having hot food in your laps for example can be catastrophic because in case of sudden braking, it will spill over and burn you. Moreover, you can lose control and cause an accident.

Avoiding misfortunes when handling food can be by using the correct containers to take food be it cold, hot solid or liquid beverages. There are different ways of transporting the food…
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What about the cost of your car?

The total cost of buying a car is one primary consideration you should make before acquiring one. Most people consider a car's price and forget its overall cost, hence incurring unplanned-for expenses. The total cost entails all aspects regarding the ownership of the vehicle, like insurance premiums, gas, maintenance, and repairs over the predetermined period. A good knowledge of the total cost of a car will not only help you in spotting a deal but also in saving a substantial amount. Below are some tips on calculating the total cost of your desired car:


Find the fuel economy…

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What You Should Know About Your Lease End

If your lease is coming to an end, then you must be thinking of what is in store for you.

One of the things you should be aware of is that leasing companies will require you to return their car in its original state. But what about the few dents and scratches here and there? They understand the car was not in the showroom and will only charge you for repairs that are considered more costly than the standard average amount of refurbishing a vehicle.

The leasing company will give you a three-month notice to the end of your lease…

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How to prep children for a safe Halloween night

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids and parents; the tradition of trick-or-treating through neighborhoods is a still one of the best ways to celebrate the night. As always, you'll be preparing candies, spooky decorations, and tricks. As parents, it's very important to advise children on how to safely navigate neighborhoods on Halloween. Here are a few tips for a safe holiday.

1. Go out in a group
Encourage children to trick-or-treat with friends so that they can look out for each other. It's more fun and safer for several kids to knock on doors rather than…
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Talk to Your Dealer Before Committing to Tires From Another Shop

Are you feeling confused by all of the commercials on the television and the ads being continuously shown to get you to buy tires from a specific company? Before you run to a store you saw on your T.V., offering you a deal that seems too good to be true, ask your professional Bloomington Lincoln dealership what you should do.

We Will Ask You Questions to Determine Your Tire Needs

Your driving habits are crucial to the tires you need. You do not want to put high-performance tires on your Lincoln vehicle if you plan to drive in snow…
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What is Gap New Car Insurance?

GAP, or Guaranteed Auto Protection, is insurance for car owners who want a better coverage for their automobile. It is insurance that’s added to the collision policy you already have to pay the difference of the loan or lease you may have on your car, in the case of a total loss collision.
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Staying on a regular maintenance schedule can increase your enjoyment

One of the ways that modern automobiles have dramatically improved over cars that were built in the 1960s and 70s is in the area of gas mileage. Modern cars, especially those in the compact or midsize categories, are capable of getting well over 30 miles per gallon. This generous fuel economy enables drivers to save on gasoline, which is one of the expensive recurring costs that many families in the United States faces.
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The 2018 Lincoln Navigator: Go Big or Go Home

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator's design was driven by a few key principles: be big and be the best. In terms of size and engine power, it's hard to find another SUV in its class that even comes close to matching its overall package.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator will take things a step further. Measuring 221.9 inches in length, it will be a full foot longer than its predecessor. Besides delivering an interior that's even more comfortable than before, the 2018 model will also boast 15 feet more cubic feet of cargo space.

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2018 Lincoln Navigator is Just One of Fall 2017's Treats

Autumn is the harbinger of many things: crisp breezes, radiant foliage, and chic fall styles. But this coming fall will be uniquely special for a singular reason -- the arrival of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

The all-new Lincoln Navigator is well-suited to take you and your family on all sorts of autumn adventures. It can easily fit up to six passengers in its roomy cabin, giving all your riders plenty of legroom and space.

The driver and front passenger seats have available 30-way adjustability so you can find the perfect seat configuration for every journey.

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