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Staying on a regular maintenance schedule can increase your enjoyment

One of the ways that modern automobiles have dramatically improved over cars that were built in the 1960s and 70s is in the area of gas mileage. Modern cars, especially those in the compact or midsize categories, are capable of getting well over 30 miles per gallon. This generous fuel economy enables drivers to save on gasoline, which is one of the expensive recurring costs that many families in the United States faces.
But it is important, even for sophisticated modern vehicles, to be kept on a good maintenance schedule to ensure that their excellent gas mileage can be maintained. When spark plugs get ruined, oil levels become low, and other preventable problems occur as a result of not bringing your car into our dealership often, the first area to be affected is often gas mileage. Our dealership has some professional technicians ready to assist you. Call us and make an appointment to get your vehicle in today.
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