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How to prep children for a safe Halloween night

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids and parents; the tradition of trick-or-treating through neighborhoods is a still one of the best ways to celebrate the night. As always, you'll be preparing candies, spooky decorations, and tricks. As parents, it's very important to advise children on how to safely navigate neighborhoods on Halloween. Here are a few tips for a safe holiday.

1. Go out in a group
Encourage children to trick-or-treat with friends so that they can look out for each other. It's more fun and safer for several kids to knock on doors rather than one.

2. Bring a flashlight
It will be dark when children trick-or-treat. Have them carry flashlights or other glowing elements to increase their visibility to drivers.

3. Obey traffic rules and be extra cautious
Children should obey traffic rules on Halloween as they cross the road or wait for streetlights. Young kids, especially, should be advised to look both ways when crossing the street to make sure there are no fast-moving vehicles. Tell them not to text and cross the street at the same time.

The same applies when parents drop off children; they should advise them to get out on the curbside or when there are no cars in sight.

4. Bring cellphones
Give children cellphones so they can reach you in case of emergencies. Tell them who to call if something bothers them. Otherwise, if they are out later than expected, you can call them as well.

We are excited for a fun-filled Halloween this year. Bloomington Lincoln wishes you and your family a happy and safe Halloween!
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