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Oil Changes & Their Myths

Do you know how often to change your oil? The average car owner would advise you to change it every 3000 miles, but is this a healthy practice? Well, let's take a look at the facts. Your car's oil is very much dependent on you, the car owner. How you drive, where you go, the temperature, and the distances at which you drive. So why would anyone assume 3000 miles is the extent of one oil change? Well, common spoken word is very powerful.

Wasting oil is a long-term expense, and can get expensive if you aren't careful to check your mileage. To correctly check your oil, first consult your owner's manual for the vehicle, and see what it says. Next, using the information from your manual, check the dipstick under the hood. If the color comes out very dark brown you may need an oil change. It is always good to consider the manual as to not be wasteful.
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