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Smell of Burning Plastic Could Indicate an Exhaust Leak

There are several areas of your engine that are powered by electrical lines. Many of these run near your exhaust manifold. An odor like burning plastic when there are no fires around you is a sign that you have an exhaust leak.

When your pressurized exhaust system develops a leak, the first sign is often a burning smell. The gases exiting the engine are extremely hot. If your leak is near a wire or any other form of plastic, the exhaust will burn or melt the plastic. As the leak expands and more exhaust can leak into your engine compartment, more plastic is exposed leading to more or that burning plastic odor. Eventually, the plastic parts and wiring will fail, possibly leaving you stranded.

At the first smell of burning plastic, bring your vehicle to our service center at Bloomington Lincoln to find that exhaust leak before you need a tow.

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